Saturday, October 25, 2008


for christmas....

for fall/gifts......

I'll let you know when they are in my etsy shop!


and the winner is......picked from

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Give-A-Way....woohoo! In celebration of opening my new Etsy store...FunkyVintageKitchen {no spaces on etsy}, I am going to do a give-a-way of one of my Halloween aprons. Rules for entering give-a-way...

1. Enter a comment below.

2. Then post and link to this blog announcing the give-a-way on your own blog! {if you need help linking...let me know and I will try my best to help!}

You get a chance to win one of these adorable aprons, and I get some bloggy love and advertisement from you! Yeah for the blogging community. Good luck to all! Winner will be picked Saturday at 9:00 am, so I have time to send 3 day mail so you get by Halloween!

Here's another look at the apron...more pictures are posted farther down blog.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I opened my ETSY storefront today. It is really exciting. I haven't sold anything yet. But people have already started looking at my items. At least there is curiousity! Very exciting. I still have a lot of amazing fabric to make aprons. They are going to be very funky, very fun, and very hip! I will try to post a pic of the fabric choices I have surrounding me. This makes me all tingly inside!

Here is my post with apron pictures from my family blog...

What starts out for me as a search for the perfect something {whatever it is that I am looking for at the time} ends up with me being discouraged that I can't find exactly what I had pictured in my mind. This happened when shopping for cake plates and aprons about a month or so ago. So I do what any good Bette Homemaker would do and I create that which I was looking for. I hope you find my style and choices as fun, hip and exciting as I do! I have many more aprons to come.

I will post pictures of fabric and finds that I will be working on and posting in the near future. I hope you enjoy shopping as much as I do....because I need to sell these things to keep my marriage happy! {not really, but it would make life easier.}

Here are pictures of my first apron....I'm making 4 of them!

Thanks, Carla, for being my apron model! Happy Halloween! Happy FunkyVintageKitchen! Happy Etsy Shopping! Can you tell by all the exciting marks {that's what Blake calls them} excited I am!