Thursday, April 30, 2009


I can't seem to get ahead and actually get aprons and the like in the shop. I reason to complain. They are selling faster than I can make them and that is very exciting!

I have just purchased some new fabric that I am VERY excited about and have some new styles brewing in my head. I also had some time this week to hit the thrift store and found a whole bunch of bases for my cake plates. The bases are the hardest to find, especially when I am so picky.

I have a bunch of earrings and rings that I need to list too. I got on a kick with cabs and flowers and vintage glass buttons and have been creating some fun rings. Next week. Next week is my goal to load up my store again. Have you noticed it is near empty.

And lastly, my aprons (8 of them) went into a local upscale grocery store on Tuesday and are selling wonderfully. I need to get a few more sewn up today to reload the rack. Here is the picture of the rack (almost finished) that went into the store. It spins!

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Friday, April 17, 2009


I made burp cloths and a child's art apron out of laminated fabric this week. These are already gone. Hoping to make more for the store. Always wishing for more hours in the day! Darn....I hate that I need to sleep.

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