Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have found some time to sew! Aprons will go up for sale on my esty boutique later today! Want a sneek peak?

I think I have three total of this with tulle on the bottom and the other two with a crisp clean edge....both equally cute!

And I am just loving this gathered half apron! I think, when finished, I will have 4-5 of this style...some with the green stripe ribbon and some with red ribbon.

I started with some Christmas themed ones just to get those available for December 1st to give you the whole month to wear them. The fabric combinations are amazing and adorable in person {at least I think so} and will surely be treasured for many years to come. I have kept a few to wear myself and plan on passing them down to Kaia when she marries!

I am sewing a few more today and tomorrow in general fall/winter/spring fabrics too! I have a really cute chocolate brown/turquoise/pink that will be going up as soon as I get my model back over here for a few pictures!


Rochelle said...

Temptation! Very cute. I can't wait to see the rest!

Rochelle said...

BTW, I just noticed your blog button. I put one on my site. I think you make some wonderfully cute things. Very good taste!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Just darling!!!!!!!!!!

M ^..^

mannequin said...

Very cute! As the winner of the Halloween apron, I will attest to the fact that your apron was so much cuter in person. The camera just cannot do justice to your artistry.
You really are quite the seamstress and I love your choice of fabrics!

Randi said...

Is that your skinny a** in the pictures? And do these come in plus size? Adorable, I want one for Christmas! I so aspire to be like you, you are too stinken cute!!!

Amleht said...

These are darling!! I love the thicker waistband. Lovely... I am looking for an idea for my next apron this helped a lot. -Amleht

by Natalia said...

I love this aprons!!!! theyre so cute!!!!