Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am completely getting geared up to work on Funky Vintage Kitchen now with the kids back in school. And perfect timing. Today I had two separate sales on Etsy. Just what I needed to get my booty in gear. Thank you! It truly is humbling to me. And exciting at the same time!

Next week I am going to re-organize my space and set a sewing and crafting schedule for my week. One morning will be set aside for thrift store shopping! I can't wait. Another day for posting new items to Etsy, including the picture taking. That seems to be my longest process right now. And I definitely need a little shipping section and I need to replenish my shipping labels. Lyndsay.......any ideas on a new cute design for my shipping labels? It would be fun for them to be FVKish!

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Saskia said...

I look forward to seeing your revamped shop April!

You may well have another sale or two soon ;-)

Saskia x

PS Love the blog sale idea... if only I lived in the US!